Drive Conversions With Every Link You Share

We can put your social media post, images, videos,& more on around 95% of websites online with NO COST PER CLICK!

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cross-device retargeting

Share Links and Drive Conversions

Share links on any platform ( Email, Text, Social Media, ETC.) You audience will see the page you shared, along your overlaying message (video, banner ad, social media post, & more.

Drive Conversions - traffic to your website, downloads of your app, registrations for your event, customers for your service, and more.

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Track Analytics & Incorporate Re-marketing Campaigns

Our analytics can Track how many people click on your links, how long they spend on the pages you send them to, and lots more in the works.

Amplify your marketing budget by embedding cookies in links you share by. You can add multiple java scripts for multiple remarking campaigns to tie into your audience list via Google / Bing / Facebook / etc.

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Multiple Ad Templates & Animations

We have over 20 unique digital ad styles for you to choose from. Some include: Photos, Videos, Animations, Javascripts, Social Media Post, & more to come!

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How Follow Per Click Re-marketing Works

Someone visits your site but leaves without making a purchase

Later, while on any device, they get re-marketed with your ad.

We test different re-marketing ads to make them take action.

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  • collect data

    1. Create Your Ads & Links

    Create your own ads or let our design team design ads for you

  • audience segmentation

    2. Make Your Link

    After uploading your ad, you make a customizable URL with UTM tracking parameters

  • mobile web retargeting

    3. Segment and target your audience

    Determine how you plan to utilize our software. We are a Google Partner who will guide you each step of the way.

  • mobile web retargeting

    4. Track Your Performance

    Check reporting to monitor conversions & ROI.

  • mobile web retargeting

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